Damian x Dragon

Damian began his career in front of the camera. His art became increasingly fetish-oriented as he became more deeply involved in the BDSM scene and more severely tattooed. Being an exhibitionist by nature, working as an adult performer came easily to her. In the widest meaning of the word, Damian performs. His live acts transcend the boundaries between art, burlesque, and pornography; they have been featured in some of the most hedonistic pansexual parties in New York City. 52 films including tons of kinky action, including fisting, CBT, bondage, dildos, and blindfolds, along with loads of passionate sex. However, there is a ton of ass fucking, rimming, and dick sucking with the males spraying buckets of cream. The films are suitable with mobile devices and are available for download in three different sizes. Interracial action, duos, and threeways abound, and there are even a few more films and interviews to enjoy.

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