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Daughter Swap, Dads do it For The Fuck Of It

These Previews, 8 minute clips, are from the official Daughter Swap website! All daughters desire is a man who looks precisely like their father. We investigate in this series how near these Daughters will go to discovering that contradictory portrait of their father. Daddy’s little princess is eager to discover her wild side, and who better to lead her on this adventure than a responsible adult who isn’t afraid to trade his own daughter and knows precisely how to provide for her needs? It’s time for the girl who Dad loves the most to discover what she has been missing. Exclusive to Daughter Swap!

Daughter Swap
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  • What Happened Last Night?
    Playing a cunning game of “spin the bottle,” stepdads Jon Rogue and Giovanni Francesco are celebrating with their respective stepdaughters, Cielo West and Kourtney Rae. Following a few spins, the ladies challenge one another to have sexual relations with their stepdads, and before long, the four of them are sharing the craziest night ever while nude in bed! Daughter Swap taboo!
  • Naughty Bunnies Easter Swap
    When Bobby and Dan see the girls fighting, they suggest them they can play another guessing game together since they were tired with the egg search. Cecilia and Katie had to determine whose dick they got in their mouths while wearing blindfolds! The mischievous bunny sisters will soon switch daddies and have the Easter celebration they so well deserve.
  • Swap and Punishment
    One morning, Honey Hayes and her stepdaughter Alex Puller knock on Peter Green’s door, telling him that Honey wanted to go to school that morning with her best friend, Reyna Delacruz. It appears that the girls are closer than they appear when their stepdads go because Honey starts picking Reyna apart! When Peter and Alex hear them discussing their sexual fantasies with their stepdads after school, they decide to switch their stepdaughters and have at them in order to get all of their sexual stress out!
  • Butt Plug Induced Swap
    While their fathers are chatting in the living room, best friends Gia Derza and Jillian Janson are hanging out when Gia abruptly admits that she has been experimenting with butt plugs! Daughter Swap Anal. Although Jillian is first dubious, she decides to give it a go and puts one on. Their fathers, Filthy Rich and Calvin Hardy, then invite them over for a conversation. At first, the dads are horrified when the girls reveal their secret, but they eventually come around when Gia proposes that they switch dads. Because of each other’s dads, Gia and Jillian will have the whole butt plug experience!
  • Stimulus Ride Share
    Because she doesn’t own a car, Jessica Marie doesn’t have time for studies. Jessica and her pal devise a scheme after overhearing their parents discuss stimulation checks and the desire to unwind. Jessica will be able to purchase a car sooner than she anticipated, all thanks to Uncle Sam!
  • Sunday BBQ Swap
    When the girls begin to demand their fathers’ attention, Jason and Nicky take it upon themselves to teach them the fundamentals of football. Jason and Nicky decide to switch daughters and give Sabrina and Sofie precisely what they want when they become very aroused and start suggesting to their fathers that they want some flesh in their mouths.
  • Let’s Swap To Solve This
    Alice and Brie implore the fathers not to face their daughters and advise that instead, they attempt a daughter exchange. The fathers then threaten to keep the daughters apart. Brick and Peter both nod in agreement, and after trading daughters, they let all of their tension out. Daughter Swap at her best!
  • Neighbor’s Influence
    Dad Damon Dice storms into his daughter’s room to confront her after learning that she has been expelled from school for having sex with two males. He is shocked to see his daughter having a very private conversation with her neighbor, Mia Taylor. This is more than enough for him, so he summons Quinton James over so that both fathers may decide what to do with each other’s daughters.
  • New Year’s Switch
    Together with their stepdaughters Gwen Vicious and Kimmy Kim, stepdads Marcus London and Spike Irons are enjoying New Year’s Eve. Their party gets too personal as midnight draws near, so much so that they decide to swap the ladies and ring in the new year properly.
  • Keeping Them Warm
    In an attempt to keep their girls warm, stepdads Nicky Rebel and Johnny Tattoo snuggle with their daughters after failing to fix the a/c. The dads choose to switch and go with the flow as things start occurring beneath the covers. There’s no better way to stay warm! Daughter Swap Keeps you warm.
  • Game Night Switch Up
    They decide to change things up to something much more interesting and start playing Truth or Dare once the game gets monotonous and dull. The stepdaughters may switch stepdads and have the best time ever with only one dare.
  • Ending Political Wars
    When their daughters Sia Lust and Mackenzie Mace finally get together, they realize that their fathers’ constant arguing is absurd and that something needs to be done to make things right. When Brick and Tony see the girls having sexual relations, they invite their fathers to accompany them, saying that’s the only way to put political conflicts behind them.
  • Halloween Switch Plan
    Bailey Base and Dani Blu, best friends, are spending Halloween together and watching frightening movies with their parents, Johnny Tattoo and Peter Green. Since these fathers are dressed as werewolves, they come up with a scheme to exchange places covertly and frighten the daughters into coming directly to them. Daughter Swap Halloween Sex Clip.
  • Genius Daughters
    Best friends Nikole Nash and Spencer Bradley persuade their fathers, Marcus London and Stirling Cooper, to start generating money internet videos after they learn that their fathers had been laid off. In order to begin shooting, the fathers consent and switch out their daughter.
  • We’re All Grown Up
    The lesson goes well, but the girls decide to switch dads to show them how mature they can be since they are sick of being treated like idiots.
  • Secret Underwear Exchange
    For some time now, neighbor fathers Dick Swardson and Peter Green have been trading and pilfering their daughter’s underwear. Bffs Destiny Cruz and Mina Moon face their fathers after learning of what they have been up to. Everyone remains silent while the fathers persuade them to engage in a negotiation.
  • Lockdown Games
    Along with their neighbors Will Tile and his daughter Sera Ryder, father Marcus London and his daughter Alona Bloom are placed under quarantine. When Alona and Sera attempt to flee, their fathers discover them and imprison them in the same room. When they become really bored, they decide to start playing together. When their fathers ultimately catch them, they are first outraged but realize it’s better to join in on the fun. Daughter Swap Free Clip.
  • Daughter Swap Compilation 3
    For a long time, these teenagers have been eyeing each other’s fathers, and whenever they have the chance, they switch fathers and go all the way. You may witness the extreme cruelty these girls are capable of by viewing this fantastic Daughter Swap Compilation.
  • Daughter Swap Compilation 2
    These mean daughters are always getting into arguments with their fathers, whether it’s because they’ve been caught kissing or because they simply need a good, old-fashioned spanking. Watch TeamSkeet women like Athena Faris, Esperanza del Horno, Jewelz Blu, Vienna Black, and others trade fathers and discover the hard way what it means to be sexually mature. Daughter Swap Free Preview.
  • Daughter Swap Compilation 1
    All they could wish for would be a thick dad dick deep within their little pussies! In this first installment of the Best Of Daughter Swap Compilation, Aften Opal, Hime Marie, Katie Kush, Kenzie Madison, and more beloved TeamSkeet adolescents engage in some family-fucking fun. Girls, enjoy the trade-off!
  • Mystical Methods
    These two men had never previously witnessed their own daughters spread their wings. However, they make greater use of it once Nova’s father validates the technique. They trade and give the girls instructions to lick one other’s thick assholes! Daughter Swap Mystery.
  • Girl Scout Goodies
    They go to work, trading dads for immature ones. Jada seizes the chance to suck Kamyrn’s father’s dick by opening her lips wide. She then moves her Asian crotch along his rod. Kamryn takes a large boner in her slit and savors each stroke while waiting. These girls are always so ready.
  • An Orgy Before The Wedding
    Jazmin clenches her tits and savors a veiny dad dick in her lovely vagina, while Hazel keeps her girdle on while she gets smacked doggystyle. The males shower each other’s girls with dripping cream pies to cap off their intense desire. Girls, it’s time to get married! Daughter Swap Taboo Free Clip.
  • Birth Control Daughter Bang
    The girls whimper with ecstasy as they fuck each other side by side after they devour their taut vaginas. For further precaution, they splatter sperm into their lips. Well done, boys, on keeping their honor!
  • Movie Night Muff Pounding
    After deciding to spend the evening watching a father-daughter movie at home, Aliya and Paisley quickly retired to their bedrooms to lick each other’s cunts. Their fathers inadvertently join in on the fun, trading daughters and sticking their fathers’ dicks deep within the girls’ intimate areas. These cuties finally get their fill of creamy cum and large meat! Daughter Swap Sex Clip for free.
  • Valentines Day Daughter Orgy
    They take some nasty pictures to make the girls’ boyfriends envious while plugging their twats and mouths with cock and making them come fiercely. How wonderful Valentine’s Day was! Daughter Swap celebrates Valentine.
  • Eighteen Year Old Daughter Orgy
    The eighteen-year-old adolescents’ tight pussies are plucked as they plead for more, and they exchange daughters with gusto. The birthday girls then start twirling back and forth. A wonderful birthday celebration!
  • Steamy Daughter Pool Sex
    They let the girls ride on their thick pool noodles by lying in the shallow end and eating their moist pussies. The females make out with the sperm lingering on their lips after they make a splash in their ravenous mouths. What a frantic and wet scene! Daughter Swap Swimming pool Sex.
  • Swapping Martial Arts Muff
    The girls’ toes curl with delight as they exchange and give them some intense training. They pound them into orgasmic nirvana by inserting their lengthy staffs into their moist muffs. The warriors then take a nice bath to relieve their heat! Very nice little grasshoppers, dicksucking.
  • Live Long And Suck Sci Fi Dick
    They slobber and suck till they are drooling all over themselves. Riley let out a scream as her taut cunt was entered, and Violet was pleading for more big dong nonstop. Perhaps this is the meaning behind the proverb “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!” Daughter Swap Preview for free.
  • Daughter Pussy Swapping Party
    If and only if they put out first, they are allowed to go out and party. With a cry of joy, Natalie chokes on Laney’s father’s cock, taking him all the way down to the base of his dick. While this is going on, Laney’s dad pulverizes her pussy and she adores every touch of his manhood. To top it off, these two exchange some sticky sperm. This is the party location right now! Daughter Swap Sexy Free Taboo Pornographic movie.
  • Dad Dick For Lesbian Lovers
    Soon, the parents trade daughters and insert their cocks deep into their teen pussies, turning the intervention into an all-out orgy. Audrey stretches her legs and relishes a steamy cock ride, as Lily giggles at a thick asshole. These chicks could appreciate dick more than they realize!
  • Interracial Prom Pussy
    They trade and reveal their thick cocks to completely humiliate the teenagers. Anne sighs as a white dick beats her, while Kendra savors a BBC in her taut black pussy. This transracial daughter trade is intensely heated.
  • Unconventional Stepdaughter Sex Therapy
    The stepdads of Diana Grace and Charlotte Sins are interested in trying out a novel form of treatment that has recently gained popularity. As the lustful stepdads take their own stepdaughters out and fill their little cunts with firm man meat, the orgy gets hotter. Their eccentric therapist is keeping an eye on the sultry family drama as it happens! This is some unusual material, now. Daughter Swap At her best!
  • Softball Diamond Daughter Dick Down
    The females slobber all over them as they brandish their heavy baseball bats. They then circle third and make their way home, slamming the females’ pussies while the babies repeatedly climax. These guys really struck gold.
  • Daughters Dad Medicine
    They make sure to cover every square inch of their boners in spit as they suck each other’s fathers’ dicks. They were then railed out face to face while lying on their sides. They even got to give each other tongue kisses while being struck in the back! These females most certainly have the solution.
  • A Secret Nude Daughter Party
    The lustful fathers concur, giving their daughters a scarlet booty slap. But in the middle of it, the females began kissing! Before long, the females are allowed to stretch out their constricted pussy lips by trading pops, and the punishment escalates into an all-out orgy. Beside one other, they jump and sigh, getting all the dad dick they could ever want. They finish the process by soaking their elderly guys with pussy juice and adding a dash of sperm. That ought to set them up for success! Daughter Swap The best Taboo.
  • Disciplinary Daughter Orgy
    These females believe they have satisfied each other’s pops sufficiently to forget about the whole situation after some intense cunt pounding and cocksucking. They were really sort of relieved that it did since it allowed them to have some amazing group sex with their sexy closest buddy Serena! This is undoubtedly one of those few instances where the penalty ends up being far better than anticipated.
  • Summer Swap And Smash
    These two fathers decide to go ahead and rape one other’s daughters because they both want to! After trading fathers, Jaycee and Natalie pop their teenage pussies for their hard man meat. Jaycee groans as her small slit is pummeled. In exuberant joy, Natalie bounces up and down on a thick dad dick. As they ride and enjoy fucking each other’s daddies in the summer heat, they make out passionately. Daughter Swap Nice taboo clip for free.
  • Dads Divide The Daughter Swap Equation
    The daughters will need to exert some persuading power if they are to conceal the secret from the girls’ mothers. They switch daddies and continue to fuck and suck until they are completely covered in cum! They pop their tight teen pussies as they bounce up and down on their dicks, taking each other’s daddies on the rides of a lifetime.
  • Graduation Daughter Bangers
    They get on their knees and place their fathers’ dicks next to each other, preparing to give as much money as they want! Once they are in a euphoric state of oblivion, they open their legs and allow these cheap dudes bash their tight young pussies. The rebellious daughters receive a hot-cum facial and a round-trip ticket to Europe as the orgy comes to a conclusion! Daughter Swap Naughty Girls doing Taboo stuff.
  • Girl Scout Daughter Nooky
    Fortunately, Lauren brings her back to the trials they conducted in the past. Rather than becoming enraged, they choose to switch them and take their daughters on a sensual lesbian adventure as a way to teach their daughters a lesson. And these daughters will definitely be acting appropriately after a furious cunt-eating, pussy juice-dripping, and finger-wetting orgy!
  • Culinary Cock Cuties
    By the time the cook-off is complete, these fathers had covered their daughters’ cheeks with a little secret sauce. Ladies, eat up! Daughter Swap Sausage Fest!
  • Teaching Daughters To Love Dick
    The worried fathers get into the bed and give each other’s girls a doggy-style beating. However, as they go, the girls discover that they are eating and kissing each other’s pussies. The daughters eventually admit that they enjoy both males and girls. Dads, get used to it! Daughter Swap shows you all!
  • Domino Daughter Dick Down
    Fortunately, these fathers are able to set aside their rivalry and support the girls in creating their art. They switch parents for a sensuous orgy after their quarrel, which results in fucking. The girls reconcile and share a kiss in the conclusion. However, a little sex on their lips makes them more intimate.
  • Daughter Cum And Tax Refunds
    They switch daddies and then perfectly shape their slender young bodies. Daphne makes seductive eye contact, puts a big paternal cock in her mouth, and slobbers all over it. Lana is loving it as her muff fills with dad dick in the meanwhile. These females really know how to fix problems. Daughter Swap Sperm Party.
  • Flu Shot Floozies
    They prod their dicks as far into their throats as they can before squirming to get a good slap. The fathers beat their girls to make each other feel better. They then smear the females with their sperm! Hard fucking is the best remedy there is. Daughter Swap Hardcore Fuck Clip for free!
  • Interrogation Penetration Pt.2
    As his cock becomes hard in his pants, he firmly shoves her up against the wall and tells her of all her rights. Then, before flinging her up on the table to screw her stupid, he lowers himself to kiss and drool on her asshole. At last, he gives Izzy the cold shoulder, and justice is done!
  • Interrogation Penetration Pt.1
    One of the parents leads Scarlett into a room where she is pushed up against the wall. After informing her of her rights, he undoes her underwear. He penetrates her from behind after licking her asshole. Then he gives her the full cums. That is what occurs when one disregards the law! Daughter Swap Free Preview Clip
  • Turning Our Daughters To The Dark Side
    Before utilizing the force to come all over each other’s faces, these dark side parents go on the bed and fuck each other’s daughters into hyperspeed. Luke wasn’t the only one, it seems, who struggled with fatherhood! Were Chloe and Chanel the gorgeous, sultry Star Wars ladies you had imagined? Tell us in the comments below!
  • Fucking Fathers To Keep The Car
    The fathers of Sloan Harper and Skylar Snow are not happy with their desire to get their allowances early. As they work on the automobile together, sucking off those dad forests on either side of the hood, they begin to seduce each other’s dads. Although they make an effort to keep it a secret, eventually they all join in on the fun.

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