Alterna Dudes

The alt dude’s existence serves as inspiration for Alterna dudes. The men that most other studios won’t bring you, we do. The guys behind Alterna Dudes are genuine, they don’t hang out in bars or on the streets. Alterna dudes provides you a wide range of scruffy, tatted, long haired, imperfect rockers, punks, skaters, goths, and more, updated with fresh exclusive downloadable XXX videos. For what reason Alterna dudes? Since regular males may be found anywhere else! Alterna Dudes provides 453 MP4-only exclusive films. The most recent episodes are in two resolutions, 720×480 and 640×360, while the earliest episodes are all 1920×1080 and 1280×720 plus a little one at 720×480. While all of the videos are of a respectable amateur standard, the most recent ones are more crisp and clear.

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