Axel Abysse

Originally from France, Axel Abysse currently resides in Japan. He’s a handsome man with a toned physique. He is a man in his early thirties with two pierced nipples, an uncut cock, a Prince Albert, and two guiche piercings (on the perineum between his testicles and asshole). He doesn’t have a lot of facial hair, but he frequently has some scratches on him. His ass is highly accommodating and has a ravenous appetite. He loves to wear jockstraps and sports socks. There is a gallery of three enlargeable screencaps on each episode page; the most of them are 1920×1080, but I also found several that are 978×648. Each image may be saved separately, and they range in quality from mediocre to excellent amateur. In the Gallery section of the navigation bar, there are eleven galleries featuring digital stills. Each has around 10 photographs, each measuring an enormous 2000 by 3000. Each of these can also be kept separately.

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