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Informative Corner - can contain tips and tricks.Anything that catches my mind and has my interests I will share here.86 Topics · 88 PostsLast post: Some mistakes when sharing videos … · 2 days ago · Tjeezers
Why What Or How ... WTF.Off Topics that put the mind at ease,work, or sleep. Not Technical or Important... Really it's just brain garbage.38 Topics · 38 PostsLast post: The June/July slowdown · 5 months ago · Tjeezers
Things you will run into as a webmaster or creator.Besides the live cam industry, there is another very big important one, this is the webmaster industry. I am one myself, so I proudly add this new category for the new webmaster in this industry, this can be you!29 Topics · 29 PostsLast post: Thank you PLAYBOY!!! · 2 months ago · Tjeezers
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Adult Affiliate WebmastersLast post
Webmaster Hangout.If you are an adult webmaster, then you are part of our family!22 Topics · 23 PostsLast post: During my work as a webmaster... · 3 months ago · Tjeezers
Blacklist Adult Affiliate Programs and Shady Fucks.We are going full force now. Anyone who fucks with anyone will be splattered on this wall. Postings will come with Source URL's so you can make up your own mind in case your WOKE as fuck.5 Topics · 6 PostsLast post: Enjoybucks enjoys YOUR money! · 17 hours ago · Tjeezers
Affiliate and Summit Events Corner.Check out the newest summits that are going to happen, you want to be there!1 Topic · 1 PostLast post: Keep track of the events! · 8 months ago · Tjeezers